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nonsensical rambling
My attempt to compartmentalise all the silliness.

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DIY Hanging Table | The Merrythought

DIY Hanging Table | The Merrythought

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Room goals.


Room goals.

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DESIGN: The Manhattan Micro-Loft

New York-based firm Specht Harpman Architects have transformed a small 425-square-foot Manhattan loft into a spacious home spread across four level.

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Vickergatan 13,a small apartment via Fantastin Frank

I’m in love.

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Minimalist Central London Flat by VW+BS


The Central London Flat, is a minimalist home designed by VW+BS. The brief to was to create as flexible a space as possible that could accommodate a variety of functions, and be simple in design. As a result the living room and the kitchen are one. Enhancing the idea of space and eliminating the need for partitions. The interior features simple finishes, such as oak floors, white painted plaster walls and neutral-coloured furniture. Elegant simplicity.

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